Perforce Adds Support for Critical Accessibility Testing of Mobile Applications

Perforce Adds Support for Critical Accessibility Testing of Mobile Applications

MINNEAPOLIS, Thursday, January 25, 2024 – Perforce Software, a provider of solutions to enterprise teams requiring productivity, visibility, and scale along the development lifecycle, announces Perfecto's latest support for accessibility testing on both Android TalkBack and Apple VoiceOver.

Accessibility testing for mobile and web applications not only ensures an optimal experience for all users, but it keeps organizations in compliance with regulations. With the latest in accessibility testing from Perfecto, testing teams and developers will be able to ensure they remain in compliance with regulatory requirements on day one, such as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), Section 508, and the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). Failure to meet these requirements could result in fines of up to $150,000.

Until now, testing apps with VoiceOver or TalkBack required testers to have a physical device in hand, which can be costly. With the latest accessibility testing launch from Perfecto, testers can test on devices in the cloud, gaining an advantage over competitors. Furthermore, teams can eliminate their dependency on having physical devices in hand and increase automation, scalability, and speed.

"Being able to test accessibility with VoiceOver and TalkBack virtually is a real game-changer for our customers," says Stephen Feloney, Vice President of Continuous Testing at Perforce. "It keeps our customers in compliance with accessibility regulations while also unlocking cost-savings for organizations."

Accessibility testing ensures that applications are usable to as many users as possible, including individuals with visual, hearing, physical, or cognitive impairments. With support for mobile screen readers from Perfecto, it is now easier than ever to incorporate accessibility testing into an organization's testing strategy while increasing access to a wider customer base.

Meeting accessibility standards leads to enhanced quality and consistency across applications. "This marks a new era in accessibility testing," says Feloney. "The new capabilities offered by Perfecto pave the way for faster, more efficient testing, and—most importantly—allow for more inclusive applications for customers."

Perfecto's cloud-based testing lab supports thousands of devices (real and virtual), operating systems, and browsers across the globe. To see the comprehensive list of supported platforms, visit

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