Perforce Releases New Artifact Manager to Harden Software Supply Chains and Maximize Efficiency

Perforce Releases New Artifact Manager to Harden Software Supply Chains and Maximize Efficiency

MINNEAPOLIS, September 2, 2021 – Perforce Software – a provider of solutions to enterprise teams requiring productivity, visibility, and scale along the development lifecycle – recently announced its new universal package manager, Helix Artifacts. Helix Artifacts allows Helix Core users to capitalize on their Perforce investment by storing, versioning, and delivering source code and development artifacts from a single, secure location.

Using artifacts in the development of software increases team velocity and maintains product consistency. However, these assets can be vulnerable to cyber-attacks and corruption. For this reason, many organizations are searching for a more secure and cost-effective way to store, consume, and distribute artifacts.

Helix Artifacts is a self-hosted package manager built on top of the highly secure Helix Core – enterprise version control by Perforce. Helix Artifacts acts as a package translator, for packages such as NuGet, Maven, or Docker, to communicate directly with Helix Core, build systems, and integrated developer environments, creating a uniquely streamlined way to manage artifacts and increase developer efficiency.

"Helix Artifacts is the most efficient, secure, and affordable way for Perforce Helix Core customers to store and manage their packages," said Gerhard Krüger, Cloud Architect and Product Manager at Perforce. "It allows our users to version and consume their artifacts in the same manner as they would their source code."

Having artifact management built on top of version control means admins will not need to set up additional storage infrastructure or configure separate security permissions for the creation or distribution of development packages.

"Adding Helix Artifacts to your Perforce environment will not only cut down on additional infrastructure and storage costs, but also simplify security as it relates to development and reduce the number of vendors your entire team has to engage with," said Brad Hart, CTO at Perforce. "And reducing vendors helps with everything from training new team members to contract negotiations, and so much more."

Helix Artifacts has a simple per-server subscription model and is priced to be a fraction of the cost of other self-hosted artifact management solutions.

The release of Helix Artifacts is a continuation of the Perforce team's quest to be the single source of truth for organizations looking to do world-class development at scale, building on the release of Helix Sync earlier this year. To learn more about Helix Artifacts, visit the Perforce website.

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