Perforce Software Announces Launch of Enterprise Diagramming Solution

Perforce Software Announces Launch of Enterprise Diagramming Solution

MINNEAPOLIS, Tuesday June 8, 2021 – Perforce Software, a provider of solutions to enterprise teams requiring productivity, visibility, and scale along the development lifecycle, has released an enterprise-grade, cloud-based diagramming application as an extension of its Gliffy line of business.

2021 is tracking to be a record year for Gliffy, and this growth highlights the need for teams of all types to effectively collaborate as part of remote or hybrid teams. Gliffy is the most popular application available for Confluence, which is part of the Atlassian Ecosystem, and has over 16 million users and an average team size of over 500 users.

The release of Gliffy Online enables teams outside the Atlassian Ecosystem to visually collaborate in the same way: with drag-and-drop, intuitive diagramming.

"When we had to flip the switch on remote work last year, Gliffy became an even more important tool for our work. Being able to quickly sketch out a workflow or idea, hop on a video call, and talk through everything with that visual aid made our work a lot smoother as everyone adjusted," said Tim Carroll, Director of Software Development at OpenLogic.

Gliffy balances its intuitive interface with its ability to help users create highly technical documentation like cloud architecture diagrams and UML diagrams.

"As teams shifted to remote and now to hybrid work environments, we've seen a shift in our business. We saw how Gliffy has played such an important role for teams using Confluence — and so we've now made Gliffy more accessible to teams using other knowledge management or project management tools." said Doug Miller, General Manager of Gliffy by Perforce. "By launching this standalone enterprise product, Gliffy Online, we are helping more teams collaborate."

Gliffy Online uses the same functionality as its popular Atlassian app. "We've invested in security and enterprise features and created a simple pricing structure with the goal of maximizing savings for enterprise teams." explained Doug Miller. "And, Gliffy Online customers will get access to the same level of world class support that sets us apart in the Atlassian Ecosystem."

"We want to make sure that Gliffy is the best diagramming option for enterprise teams, whether they're using Confluence, Jira, or any other tool. Gliffy Online will play a critical role in that mission," explained Perforce CEO and President Mark Ties. "As part of Perforce, Gliffy is uniquely equipped to serve teams solving some of the hardest challenges in DevOps — that's what we're going to build upon."

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