Top 10 Data Integration Tools to Try in 2023

Top 10 Data Integration Tools to Try in 2023

In the modern era, effective decision-making is powered by data-generated insights. This data is typically spread across various sources and applications. Companies can analyze each data source separately, but it won’t be an efficient option since it doesn’t bring the whole representation of data comprehension. And that’s where data integration tools come in.

According to Microsoft, data integration tools ingest, transfer, consolidate, and transform data from its source to a target destination, performing data cleansing and mappings. These tools retrieve data from different source systems into a single space, enabling you to enjoy a unified view. From there, advanced analytic tools can generate valuable insights from the data. Therefore, these tools empower businesses to optimize their productivity.

Many data integration tools are in the market, all racing to match the increasing data incursion. Here are the 10 best data integration tools you should consider in 2023.

1. MuleSoft

MuleSoft data integration tool helps enterprises connect their devices, data, and apps throughout cloud and on-premise environments. Five years ago, Salesforce acquired MuleSoft solutions as part of its integration technology. MuleSoft’s data integration platform avails various tools to help you integrate apps, systems, and processes with ease. These tools include Application Programming Interface (API) Manager, AnyPoint Runtime Manager, API Designer, and Cloudhub.

2. Jitterbit

Jitterbit offers a cloud-based data integration tool with a mission of cutting down the cost of connecting the cloud, in-house, and other processes. Its GUI approach simplifies the data integration process and plugging of complex apps. You only need to use the select and pick option. What’s more, the Jitterbit data integration tool accelerates digital transformation by bringing together the power of integration and APIs.

With Jitterbit, you’ll enjoy real-time updates via cloud support. Also, it is supported by all devices, enabling you to access the system anytime and anywhere.

3. Boomi

Boomi is a one-of-its-kind data and application integration tool developed in the cloud and one of the leading providers in the integration platform as a service (iPaaS) sector. It fully explores the value of cloud computing. Companies of all sizes use Boomi Solutions to quickly integrate any combination of on-premises and cloud applications.

Like Jitterbit, STREAMS Solutions is among the limited Boomi global certified systems partner and integrators. It helps users get the most out of the Boomi iPaaS platform by offering the best integration practices to develop an interconnected workplace and steer digital transformation. This data integration tool supports over 180 software to connect with industry-leading software, such as Salesforce, Oracle NetSuite ERP, AWS, and Google Cloud.

4. SnapLogic

SnapLogic provides a powerful cloud-based data integration solution with numerous features. It manipulates how enterprises integrate their business apps on the cloud and on-premise. SnapLogic’s data integration platform allows you to seamlessly and safely connect a wide range of data sources and applications.

Also, it integrates smoothly with IoT (Internet of Things) devices, delivering continuous updates and faster integrations. Moreover, this data integration tool supports various connectors across Big Data, SaaS, Mainframe, and other transaction-based integrations that are driven by real-time changes.

5. Workato

Workato is a data integration tool that allows businesses to integrate various systems with codeless and visuals, accelerating automation. It offers an all-in-one platform for connecting and automating workflow processes throughout the company. Moreover, it synchronizes data at various speeds - batch, scheduled, or real-time. Also, it can sync data of any volume, from one transaction to billions of rows of data.

Workato is among the best data integration tools in 2023 as it’s built on the cloud and supports auto-scaling, removing the difficulties associated with capacity planning and infrastructure provisioning.

6. Software AG

Software AG is a leading data integration solution and has expanded its capabilities to other areas, such as data mapping. It offers a dais for data and software integration tools, which utilizes the Web Methods integration system for customizable and cost-effective third-party software integration.

This data integration tool supports No-SQL and SQL data sources. Once you migrate data onto the Software AG platform, you can easily access, customize, and retrieve reports when necessary.

7. Celigo

Celigo iPaaS is a data integration tool that offers solutions to connect different client systems by building integration flows. It delivers comprehensive, robust, flawless, and coherent integration solutions for other apps to NetSuite.

This tool’s platform is developed for business users and IT experts to quickly connect their apps to facilitate business process automation. Also, it has partnered with STREAMS Solutions to help businesses automate their crucial business processes, ease the process of connecting ERP and CRM tools, and share data across different platforms.

8. Informatica PowerCenter

Informatica is a software development company with a variety of solutions for handling data. Its data integration solution, Informatica PowerCenter, offers data virtualization, data management, data masking, and more via its ETL architecture. It is supported by many products, such as extensive data integration, cloud integration, master data management, data purification, and other functions.

Furthermore, all well-known platforms can easily use Informatica technology. For all of your data integration needs, this data integration platform is simpler to set up and utilize, thanks to its cloud-based services.


TIBCO’s flagship iPaaS and cloud integration platform are easy to use as it doesn’t require coding. This data integration platform lets you build, model, and deploy APIs in a 100% guided process. It offers a fully integrated platform that handles various data integration use cases. Also, its acquisition of Cisco’s data management and virtualization technologies further extends TIBCO’s product portfolio, making it a better data integration tool.

10. Oracle Data Integrator 12C

The Oracle Data Integrator 12C is the newest version of Oracle’s Data Integration solution. It’s a best-of-breed integration platform for companies that use other Oracle applications and systems and need a close-fitting connection with these systems. This platform integrates with Oracle Database, Oracle Big Data Appliance, Exadata, and Oracle GoldenGate, among other Oracle and third-party apps and systems.

Final Thoughts

There are many data integration tools in the market. Therefore, choosing the right tool for data integration can able a daunting task. Narrowing these 10 data integration tools can help you find the best tool to use in 2023. However, whether you think MuleSoft Services, Workato, or any other listed tool is a great choice, consider various elements, such as business size, use case, budget, security risk, and your customization need. Doing so helps you choose the ideal data integration tool that perfectly serves your business needs.

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