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Home of the tideways_xhprof extension - a hierarchical Profiler for PHP.

Looking for tideways Extension to report to Go here. Why did we rename the extension? Blog post here.

This PHP extension is a complete, modernized open-source rewrite of the original XHProf extension, with a new core datastructure and specifically optimized for PHP 7. The result is an XHProf data-format compatible extension with a much reduced overhead in the critical path that you are profiling.

The code for this extension is extracted from the main Tideways extension as we are moving to a new extension with incompatible data-format.

We are committed to provide support for this extension and port it to as many platforms as possible.

Note: The public API is not compatible to previous xhprof extensions and forks, as function names are different. Only the data format is compatible.


Download source code as [.zip file] [.tar.gz file]
Documentation: [README]