Profiling Your PHP Application - Michael Heap - php[tek] 2016

Profiling Your PHP Application - Michael Heap - php[tek] 2016

Apr 7, 2017

This is a recording from our 11th annual php[tek] conference in St. Louis. We record and release a number of talks that happen in our main track room, but this is just a sampling of the 40+ sessions that happen at each event we host.

Speaker: Michael Heap

Bio: Michael is a fixer, working mainly with with PHP/Go/MySQL and doing bits of server administration on the side, he goes where things need working on. Currently, he's a member of the platform team at Datasift, working as part of a team that processes and augments various incoming data sources (including the Facebook firehose) before redistributing it to customers.

Abstract: Making an application scale is generally seen as something that only the most magical of developers can do, but it is easy once you have the correct tools. Fortunately for us, these tools are freely available online! In this talk, we will look at a few available options to learn what our applications are actually doing, help identify bottlenecks, and fix them so we can move on to the most important part of any project: delivering features.