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Current '23 Keynote: Streaming into the Future - The Evolution & Impact of Data Streaming Platforms

Jay Kreps (Confluent Co-Founder and CEO), Shaun Clowes (Confluent CPO), and data streaming leaders from organizations like NASA, Warner Brothers, and Notion explore the past, present, and future of data streaming. They will address two key questions: how can organizations integrate data across their applications to deliver better experiences, and how can they embed data and analytics into every part of the business to drive better decision-making?

Snowflake Summit 2023 Keynote: Generative AI's Impact on Data Innovation in the Enterprise

Nearly every enterprise is assessing the potential for Generative AI to better serve their users and customers. Join this CEO fireside chat with Jensen Huang from NVIDIA and Snowflake’s Frank Slootman as they discuss trends in Generative AI and accelerated computing, the pace of disruption, and the impact on every industry and business model. Sarah Guo, former Greylock general partner and current founder and CEO of Conviction, moderates.

Snowflake Summit 2023 Panel Discussion: Predictions on Generative AI and LLMs in the Enterprise

In the fast-changing world of generative AI and large language models (LLMs), it can be especially challenging to sift through the buzz and prioritize which use cases will have the biggest impact on your business. Join Christian Kleinerman, SVP Product at Snowflake, for a moderated discussion with some of the leaders in this space as they share their perspectives, predictions, and thoughts on what enterprises should consider when adopting this technology.

Opening Keynote From Snowflake Summit 2023

Snowflake has been on a journey to break down silos to help organizations put their data to work. From high-performance analytics at scale to global collaboration across shared data to enabling full programmability without sacrificing governance, Snowflake continues to redefine what's possible with data... and we're just getting started.

Bitrise at TNW Conference | Ironclad Mobile Commerce for Safe and Secure Experiences

Bitrise Sales Engineering Tech Lead, Tamás Bazsonyi joined a panel on the Discover Stage at TNW Conference in Amsterdam for a thought-provoking discussion around building a more resilient mobile commerce ecosystem that prioritizes safety, user privacy, and seamless experiences for customers worldwide.

AI-Powered Analytics with ThoughtSpot at Gartner's Data & Analytics London Summit

Presented at the Showfloor Showdown event at Gartner D&A London Summit, Ricky Patel analyzes global flooding and weather station data with ThoughtSpot, showing the crowd that wielding AI-Powered Analytics can be as easy as your favorite consumer app.

Data Management with Cloudera CDP | Gartner Show Floor Showdown

At Gartner's Data and Analytics Summit in Orlando Florida, Director of Product Management, David Dichmann, presented the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) for Data Management. Using Flood data provided by Gartner together with additional data assets, we demonstrate how Cloudera's Hybrid, Open, Portable and Secure data platform could assist data practitioners in developing an early warning detection service for potential coastal flooding for the state of Florida.

The Snowflake Telecom Data Cloud

As Snowflake rolls out its new Telecom Data Cloud, “Data Cloud Now” host Ryan Green sits down with Phil Kippen, Global Head of Industry, Telecom, at Snowflake, to discuss what it all means for telecom service providers. During the interview, Kippen notes that the arrival of 5G creates new market opportunities but also new operational complexities for telecom service providers as they take on the task of rolling out new services and managing new infrastructure. He explains that the rollout of the Telecom Data Cloud will help companies achieve operational efficiencies by providing a single, unified platform across all domains and business functions within the telecom service provider environment and across all clouds. In addition, Snowflake will help service providers create a new marketplace that will enhance their ability to find new ways to monetize their data and applications and will help them work with partners across the telecom ecosystem to develop new opportunities for collaboration and data sharing.

When business gets weird, the tough get healthy data - Talend CEO keynote at Talend Connect '21

Change is something every business leader has to deal with. But have you noticed that doing business has just gotten weird? An event that occurs around the world can suddenly have a profound effect on your company. How do you deal with constant, discombobulating change?