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Streams Forever: Kafka Summit London 2024 Keynote | Jay Kreps, Co-founder & CEO, Confluent

Join the Confluent leadership team as they share their vision of streaming data products enabled by a data streaming platform built around Apache Kafka. Jay Kreps, Co-creator of Apache Kafka and CEO of Confluent, will present his vision of unifying the operational and analytical worlds with data streams and showcase exciting new product capabilities. During this keynote, the winner and finalists of the $1M Data Streaming Startup Challenge will showcase how their use of data streaming is disrupting their categories.

Going Platformless To Transform Enterprise Software Engineering | Web Summit 2024, Qatar

Discover how going platformless could change the landscape of enterprise software engineering. By discarding traditional platform dependencies, businesses can achieve unparalleled innovation and flexibility within their software development processes. Listen to WSO2 CEO and Founder Sanjiva Weerawarana's talk at Web Summit Qatar 2024.

Nasscom Gen AI Confluence 2023 | Decoding the future: Gen AI's Influence on BFSI Dynamics

The panel discussion on "Decoding the Future: GenAI's Influence on BFSI Dynamics" at the nasscom Generative AI Confluence on Oct 19, 2023 in Bengaluru with panelists Ashwini Bhole, Kiran Kuchimanchi, and Shivani Venkatesh; and Naveen Yeri as the moderator.

Beyond Checkout: GenAI's Impact on Retail & CPG Evolution | Nasscom Gen AI Confluence 2023

The fireside chat on "Beyond Checkout: GenAI's Impact on Retail & CPG Evolution" at the nasscom Generative AI Confluence on Oct 19, 2023 in Bengaluru with speakers Shruti Kashyap Arora and Jeyandran Venugopal; and Sairam Vedam as the moderator.

Skills in #TestAutomation That Matter | History of Testing | Robert Sabourin | #TestFlix 2023

In this captivating session, Robert Sabourin takes us on a historical journey to rediscover lost test automation fundamentals. Drawing inspiration from intriguing examples throughout history, Rob showcases the timeless skills of testers who pioneered automation long before the digital age. Delve into the 1870s, when testers played a crucial role in ensuring the evolution and integrity of telegraph systems through automating models of system usage.

3 Principles That Create Modern Management | Johanna Rothman | #TestFlix 2023 #management

In this thought-provoking talk, Johanna Rothman delves into the critical role of modern management in fostering Agile success. Contrary to the notion that Agile eliminates the need for managers, Johanna argues that managers play a pivotal role in creating and refining the Agile culture. Without modern management practices, any Agile initiative is at risk of failure.

Actionable Tips for a More Professional LinkedIn Profile | Personal Branding | TestFlix 2023

In this informative video, Dhairya Gangwani shares actionable tips for crafting a more professional LinkedIn profile. If you're a mid or senior-level professional seeking to build your personal brand and thought leadership on this platform, this talk is a must-watch.

8 Strategies for Tech Professionals to Thrive in Their Careers | Raj Subrameyer | TestFlix 2023 |

In this inspiring video, Raj Subrameyer shares eight dynamic strategies to transform into a rockstar tester. Drawing upon his extensive experience in various tech domains, Raj reveals the remarkable parallels between developers, testers, and entrepreneurs. He unveils how adopting an entrepreneurial mindset can elevate your career and personal growth.