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Load Test Driven Development

We are going to explore whether Load Test Driven Development is an idea that would be worth pursuing for your organisation. We will recap on what Test-Driven Development (TDD) is in the next section but fundamentally Now when you think about this, does it make sense to try and run a performance test before we have developed any code? We think it does and we are going to explain why. For clarity we are not suggesting that Load test Driven Development should replace TDD but rather to compliment it.

Chaotic Performance Tests

Building performance tests that conform to a very specific level of load and concurrency is a standard approach to performance testing. You determine your peak levels of load and concurrency, and you build a test that meets this. You build soak test and scalability tests that conform to pre-determined levels of load and concurrency, and you execute these alongside the other scenarios you build to meet your performance requirements.

Pearson - Case study

Pearson, founded in the 19th century, is one of the world leaders in providing education services all around the globe. Francisco Muniz is the Performance Architect for Pearson, responsible for Performance Alignment across Pearson’s Virtual Learning. This position entails working with many different parts of the organization, such as Architecture, Development, and QA. As such, Francisco was leading and overseeing the important Octoperf and Loadrunner software switching project.

Push to production pipelines and JMeter

This post does not look at a particular aspect of JMeter nor does it give a detailed overview of how to use a particular tool that will compliment your performance testing with JMeter. What it is about is the principles of push to production pipelines and performance testing and while I have stated that this post is not specifically about JMeter in my experience JMeter is one of the best performance testing tools for this type of pipeline integration.

Performance Testing Web Sockets with JMeter

In this post we are going to look at WebSockets, specifically how JMeter can be used to test them. Web Sockets are not supported natively by JMeter but there are a couple of Plugins that you can use that work very nicely. One of them is called JMeter WebSocket Sampler by Maciej Zaleski and information on the library can be found here. The second and the one we will use for our post is also called JMeter WebSocket Sampler and is by Peter Doornbosch, more information on this Plugin can be found here.