Testing Foundations

Testing Foundations

Jun 2, 2023

I came across TestingEducation.org Course after watching a keynote talk by Ajay Balamurugadas at CAST 2015. If you are also interested in the future of testing and the learning opportunities for testers, then I would recommend this talk to you too. It’s available at bit.ly/ajkeynote

I started the Testing Foundations Course using the self paced video(s) available at http://www.testingeducation.org/

Having spent almost 4 years in the software industry, I was confident that I would be able to cover this 2 5 hours 157 mins) course on testing basics within 2 3 days. However, when I started with this course, I realized that each chapter is filled with so much and would require a lot of notetaking, processing, challenging the existing
understanding of things I started making mind map summaries for each lecture and started sharing them on LinkedIn as my daily learning capsule.

The response that was received from the Testing community was overwhelmingly positive. I would like to mention the name of Ajay Balamurugadas and Shailesh Gohel who saw the seed of this book in me. Thanks to everyone for helping me with your positive feedback on mind maps/summaries.

This e book is useful for anyone who wants to understand, revise, study, or learn about software testing and its foundational concepts.