Autonomous Microservices | Microservices 101

Autonomous Microservices | Microservices 101

Oct 19, 2023

Autonomous microservices are more robust and scalable. By avoiding synchronous dependencies, they avoid potential bottlenecks and failures. Learn key principles in this video.

Check out Confluent Developer to find more information and courses on how to build event driven microservices:

► An introduction to microservices:
► Designing events course:
► Event modeling course:


00:00 - Intro

00:13 - External Dependencies in Life

00:55 - External Dependencies in Microservices

01:26 - Autonomy

01:43 - Example: ECommerce

02:11 - Loose Coupling

03:34 - Example: ECommerce Revisited

04:16 - High Cohesion

04:38 - Single Responsibility Principle

05:25 - Domain Driven Design

06:12 - Closing

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