BigQuery: Configuring and scheduling queries

BigQuery: Configuring and scheduling queries

Are you having trouble creating and running scheduled jobs in BigQuery, and would like to implement it in your production and development pipelines?

Check out this video where we will be discussing BigQuery's scheduled queries feature, and the IAM permissions needed to create and configure them. We will show you how to configure and schedule queries and the configuration options available. Watch this video to learn some important caveats and how to overcome them while using scheduled queries in BigQuery.


0:00 - Intro

0:29 - Scheduling Queries: Prerequisites

1:25 - Demo on creating and configuring scheduled queries

4:30 - Caveat #1 - Scheduled Queries are run as per UTC time

5:10 - Caveat #2 - Running scheduled query in a different region compared to destination table

5:42 - Caveat #3 - Modifying credentials used to run scheduled queries

6:00 - Further reading

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