BigQuery: Manage your workloads

BigQuery: Manage your workloads

Would you like to know how to manage your workloads efficiently? Are you interested in learning how to share the slots across different workloads/projects?

In this video, we introduce you to BigQuery workload management concepts - slots, commitment, reservations and assignments, idle slot sharing and some important caveats to remember about BigQuery reservations. We will demonstrate to you how to create reservations and assignments and share them across different projects and workloads. We will also cover how BigQuery optimizes your workloads with idle slot sharing and manages the slots from different reservations as more BigQuery jobs are triggered.


0:00 - Intro

0:21 - BigQuery Reservations concepts

1:37 - Idle Slot Sharing

2:15 - Things to remember about BigQuery Reservations

2:51 - Manage Workload by sharing slots across workloads and projects

3:37 - Demo: Create reservations and assign slots to different projects & workloads

4:29 - How slots are shared and utilized from reservations as new BigQuery jobs are triggered

5:41 - Further reading

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