Building a realtime quiz app with AWS & Ably

Building a realtime quiz app with AWS & Ably

Nov 14, 2022

This video explains the high-level architecture required to support bidirectional low-latency messaging for a realtime application. We use a multiplayer quiz example to explore message flow and implementation, but with minor differences, this could equally apply to other features such as chat, Q&A, or reactions. Jump to:

  • Infrastructure
  • Channel architecture
  • Presence set
  • Quiz demo site

Live demo:

Free PDF for offline reading

Github repo:

This repository contains a base networking framework for building a realtime quiz platform with Ably. This project uses VueJS on the client-side and NodeJS on the server-side and is scalable as you need.

About Ably

Ably is an enterprise-grade pub/sub messaging platform. We make it easy to efficiently design, quickly ship, and seamlessly scale critical realtime functionality delivered directly to end-users. Every day, we deliver billions of realtime messages to millions of users for thousands of companies.