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Build a live multiplayer game in Unity with Ably

Here at Ably one of our most recent additions has been to introduce beta support for Unity within our.NET SDK. This has been exciting for us: multiplayer functionalities are at the core of so many games these days, and we’re keen to better support and enable developers in creating these amazing experiences.

Scale up to a collaborative and multiplayer architecture with edge messaging

There’s unprecedented demand for multiplayer products. That is, products with features that support realtime, shared live and collaborative experiences between users. There’s been explosive growth in the unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) sector through the pandemic, but collaboration isn’t just about the Zooms and Slacks of the world.

Engage your site visitors with live updates using Ably, Next.js, Prisma, and PlanetScale

Not so long ago, email was considered revolutionary. Being able to send a message to someone on the other side of the world and receive a reply in a matter of minutes was a game-changer. Today, however, email is the slow-moving dinosaur of the Internet. Now, users expect instantaneous feedback from their online interactions and to communicate with people and machines instantly.

Building a dependable realtime betting app with Confluent Cloud and Ably

Our everyday digital experiences are in the midst of a revolution. Customers increasingly expect their online experiences to be interactive, immersive, and realtime by default. The need to satisfy user expectations is driving the exponential growth of event-driven architectures in organizations of all shapes and sizes. And by enabling users to have realtime experiences whenever and wherever they want, 24/7, mobile drives this change further and faster.

The state of edge messaging infrastructure

When it comes to the apps we rely on everyday for chatting with family, checking how close our delivery is, and collaborating with colleagues in a shared whiteboard, we expect seamless realtime experiences without delays or downtime. Ably surveyed over 500 engineering leaders about the challenges of building realtime edge messaging infrastructure in-house to power these shared live experiences.

Edge messaging: The backbone of live online experiences

Computing advances have taken us full circle. From terminals and a mainframe to individual personal computers, to cloud-based centralization again. Today, the devices we carry with us exceed the power of those original mainframes. They connect and inform us with a range of responsive, live experiences. Where would we be without live sports scores, online chat, order-delivery tracking, or synchronized document collaboration?

Gartner considers edge messaging providers like Ably critical for live experiences

A recent GartnerⓇ report recognizes Ably as playing a critical role in powering meaningful online experiences by extending event-driven architectures to the edge. Within the spectrum of event-driven architecture use cases, Ably reaches end-user devices with last-mile connectivity: it’s at the heart of what we do. Ably is edge messaging!