Commands, Queries, and Events | Microservices 101

Commands, Queries, and Events | Microservices 101

Dec 14, 2023

Messages between microservices come in three different flavors: Commands, Queries, and Events. Commands change the state, queries request the state, and events share the state. When designing microservice communication patterns, it is important to understand the role of these messages. Following a clear set of rules can help ensure consistency and clarity within your system of microservices.

Check out Confluent Developer to find more information and courses on how to build event driven microservices:

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► Event-Driven Microservices Architecture:
► Microservices: An Introduction
► Asynchronous Events:


00:00 - Intro

00:20 - Principle of Least Surprise

00:49 - Commands

01:09 - Responses

01:31 - Async Commands

02:00 - Queries

02:46 - Events

03:14 - Ignoring Events

03:45 - Async Events

04:27 - Delta Events

05:20 - Fact Events

05:46 - Data Coupling

06:15 - Closing

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