Consume Apache Kafka Messages using Apache Flink and Java

Consume Apache Kafka Messages using Apache Flink and Java

Sep 20, 2023

Getting started with Apache Flink® can be challenging. In this short video, Wade Waldron will walk you through a complete example of how to consume Apache Kafka® messages using Apache Flink and Java.

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00:00 - Intro

01:00 - The Flink Job

01:23 - The Entry Point

01:41 - The Stream Execution Environment

01:57 - Kafka Configuration

02:33 - The Kafka Source

04:38 - The Data Stream

05:47 - The Print Sink

05:57 - Executing the Stream

06:08 - Compiling and Running

06:44 - Verifying it Works

07:43 - Next Steps

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