Easy Database Interactions

Easy Database Interactions

Sep 15, 2023

Load data from a Database into a database. Make sure that your database interactions are seamless and easy with Linx. Apply your own SQL script, apply transformation or checks on the data and execute your own logic.

Linx can really help you with:
Data migrations
Data transformations
Data governance

We ask the questions:
How to interact with a database
How to easily access data in a database
How to write data to a database

Linx is a general-purpose, low-code platform for backends.

Developers use Linx to build, test, deploy and manage backend solutions such as APIs, integrations and automations.

Linx homepage: https://linx.software/​​
Download Linx (Desktop IDE): https://linx.software/download-linx/
Documentation: https://linx.software/docs/getstarted...​
Community: https://community.linx.software/commu...​
Github: https://github.com/linx-software/samples

Twitter: @LinxCode
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/twenty57/

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