Future of Testing Roles | How Testing Roles Will Evolve | Nagabhushan Ramappa | #softwaretesting

Future of Testing Roles | How Testing Roles Will Evolve | Nagabhushan Ramappa | #softwaretesting

In this visionary video, Nagabhushan Ramappa, a distinguished figure in the software industry, offers profound insights into the future evolution of testing roles. Nagabhushan explores the dynamic landscape of software testing and predicts how testing roles are poised to transform in response to emerging technologies and industry trends.

With foresight and expertise, Nagabhushan discusses the evolving demands on testers, the integration of automation, and the importance of adaptability in a rapidly changing tech ecosystem. He provides a roadmap for testing professionals to thrive in the evolving testing landscape and continue delivering high-quality software.

Whether you're a tester, quality assurance expert, or simply curious about the future of software testing, this video offers invaluable perspectives on the direction of testing roles.

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Watch the full session on “How to Engineer Quality into High-Performance Products" by Nagabhushan Ramappa - https://youtu.be/L3d376QzAq8

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