Hevo Enables Lovebox to Gain Deeper Customer Insights

Hevo Enables Lovebox to Gain Deeper Customer Insights

Feb 11, 2022

Victor Jager, Head of Business Performance at Lovebox, talks about how before Hevo, most of Lovebox's data rested in disparate sources. There was no way to perform transversal analysis and gain insights into the customer's journey.

Hevo has enabled Lovebox to unify eCommerce, website, product, and support data from Shopify, Google Analytics, Amplitude, Zendesk, and Google Sheets to a BigQuery Data Warehouse.

Consequently, Lovebox is now able to extract more value from its data, and build complex reports at a much faster rate while saving time that was earlier wasted on data processing. Victor claims that Hevo is a powerful, effective, and completely autonomous tool that has enabled Lovebox to do so much more with its data.

Read Lovebox's success story with Hevo - hevodata.com/success-stories/lovebox/

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