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Zoom Builds Enterprise AI Applications In The AI Data Cloud

Learn how Zoom built an internal enterprise AI tool that enables sales and marketing teams to directly ask questions to data through natural language. The security and governance of the AI Data Cloud enabled data scientists to confidently leverage its Cortex AI and Streamlit features to build the enterprise AI app.

Mission to Mars: Building NASA's Digital Twin with Helix Core and Unreal Engine

Did you know that digital twins – built with the help of Perforce Helix Core and Unreal Engine – help propel astronauts to space? In this webinar, Ryan Maffesoli, Senior Solutions engineer at Perforce, Greg Porter, Senior Systems Architect at Sev1Tech, and Marc Aubanel, Director of Digital Media Arts & Engineering at LSU, explore this exciting process.

Analyze audio in BigQuery with Speech-to-Text

Unlock the power of your audio data! This video demonstrates how BigQuery's integration with Cloud Speech-to-Text lets you transform audio files – think customer calls, interviews, feedback – into structured text transcripts. Analyze this data at scale within your data warehouse, fueling smarter decisions and deeper customer understanding.