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Creating a data-driven culture with self service and data literacy

In this segment, Geraldine Wong, CDO of GXS Bank, explains how her bank's data strategy aims to promote inclusion through superior data insights and AI, but achieving this requires building a data-driven culture by providing employees the right tools, access, and knowledge about the data.

The Art of Data Leadership | A discussion with Synchrony's Head of Provisioning, Ram Karnati

Did you know there are 1.4 million open tech jobs, but global educational institutions only produce 400,000 qualified individuals annually to fill them? In our third episode of The Art of Data Leadership, Synchrony’s Ram Karnati believes the answer lies with #AI, “Day-to-day coding is going to get easier; AI is going to take care of it. So, the next phase of talent transformation will not be focused on being the best coder out there. People will start to look for generalists who also understand business.”

The CEOs of Fivetran & Snowflake discuss Shared Goals in Driving Data Excellence

George Fraser, Co-founder and CEO of Fivetran and Frank Slootman, Chairman and CEO of Snowflake sit down to discuss how the dynamic, award-winning partnership between the two companies helps to eradicate data silos once and for all. The conversation delves into Fivetran's pivotal role in constructing the vital pathways that seamlessly usher data into Snowflake, encompassing sources like Oracle, SQL Server, SAP Hana, Workday, Salesforce, and a myriad of others.

Keep Calm and Code On

Welcome back to Test Case Scenario! Stress plagues us all, and it is no different for those working in software development. In this mental health-focused episode, we look at the many layers that cause anxiety and stress any why these software-related stress stories are so common across various companies. Join host Jason Baum and our panel Evelyn Coleman and Marcus Merrell as they discuss dealing with anxiety and how to best navigate stress in your professional life.