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Resolving the Boto3 NoCredentialsError in Python

The NoCredentialsError is an error encountered when using the Boto3 library to interface with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Specifically, this error is encountered when your AWS credentials are missing, invalid, or cannot be located by your Python script. These credentials are stored by default at ~/.aws/credentials which contains your access key and secret access key for using AWS services, along with other configuration details such as your region code.

Nathan Shain- "The Journey of Upgrading A Python Version From a Debugger Perspective"

What happens when you develop a Python debugger and the latest Python version breaks it? We’ll go through the process of debugging a Python debugger and the methods we used to solve it efficiently. When a new Python version is released, the great opportunity to add new features to our software comes around. Yet, alongside those features, there’s always an API break which requires us to make undesired changes to our software. Often, the change can be as small and seemingly insignificant as a signature change or sometimes can be as big as shifting from Python 2 to 3.

How to Fix the OperationalError in Python

OperationalError is a class of error encountered while working with the psycopg library in Python. Operational errors are closely linked with the connect method within psycopg and typically occur when parameters passed to this method are incorrect or invalid. This may mean that a parameter, such as a database name, is spelled incorrectly, has changed, or that the database server itself is experiencing a problem.


How to Handle the Psycopg2 UniqueViolation Error in Python

The psycopg2.errors.UniqueViolation is an error thrown by the when a user attempts to insert a duplicate key value. In an SQL or SQL-like database a key value is defined when a table is created. This key value is then used to reference specific rows of the table. In order to make calls to these rows unambiguous, this key value must be unique for every row. Any attempt to insert a new row which has a value in the key field that already exists in the table cannot be completed.


Getting Started Debugging Python Apps in PyCharm

Python really needs no introduction, but Google’s search algorithms demand it. Python is essential for its versatility and low barrier of entry for new users. It’s become a vital part of nearly every corner of development, especially in big data and machine learning which may not have progressed to where they are in 2022 without Python’s inception. All the same, debugging Python needs to be efficient.