How to add Bugfender to an Android Project

How to add Bugfender to an Android Project

Dec 11, 2020

Adding Bugfender to an Android project is a two-minutes task that can save you hours of debugging in production.

In this video we review the whole process from scratch. We start creating an Android app with Android Studio. Then we add Bugfender with Gradle and finally we configure a new App in the Bugfender's Dashboard. We use the last minutes to explain how the different logs work in Bugfender so you can get the most from the first minute.

Contents of the video:

00:00 - Intro. Welcome to Bugfender
0:32 - Create a new project with Android Studio
01:42 - Setup a new account and a new app in Bugfender
02:37 - Add Bugfender to the Android App
05:49 - Add the first log to the app

07:51 - Add the network permission
08:41 - Bugfender gets the first logs
09:32 - Exploring Info, Error and Debug logs
12:37 - Contact methods

See you in the next video. Happy debugging!

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