How Can You Align Your #Testing KPIs to Business KPIs | Vikas Mittal | #TestFlix 2023

How Can You Align Your #Testing KPIs to Business KPIs | Vikas Mittal | #TestFlix 2023

In this compelling talk, Vikas Mittal addresses a common challenge faced by testing leadership—articulating the business value of testing when seeking additional funding. Testers often encounter questions about how testing contributes to business outcomes and key performance indicators (KPIs), a query that might seem more straightforward for developers. While developers can directly link their work to revenue, cost reduction, or operational efficiency, the value of testing is sometimes perceived through the lens of quality, leading to questions about the necessity of a testing team.

Vikas delves into the strategies and approaches testers can employ to effectively demonstrate the business value of Quality Engineering (QE). He explores the crucial partnership needed to showcase the value of testing, methods for aligning testing KPIs with broader business KPIs, and insightful ways to present information that is both convincing and impactful. If you're seeking ways to secure the budget for testing in the coming year, Vikas Mittal's talk provides practical insights and a strategic roadmap for demonstrating the indispensable role of testing in achieving business goals.

Whether you're a seasoned testing professional or a newcomer to the field, Vikas Mittal's talk equips you with the knowledge and strategies needed to navigate the challenging terrain of showcasing the business value of testing. His insights are not just for testing leaders seeking budget approvals but resonate with anyone aiming to communicate the significance of quality engineering.

This video is of one of the Talks presented at #TestFlix - Biggest Virtual Software #Testing Conference, 2023.

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About Speaker:
Vikas is an IIT Delhi alumnus working in software engineering for the last 2 decades. His focus area includes the development of automation solutions for Software Testing Lifecycle and DevOps using the latest technological innovations in Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics. Leader by spirit, Vikas has spearheaded teams of testing professionals as large as 1000+ consultants, helping and supporting them all in accomplishing their personal as well as company goals. Vikas has been involved in mentoring and guiding 250+ test engineers over a period of the last 2.5 years in the experience bracket of 7-12 years through his free-for-all masterclass on LinkedIn.

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