How to Design Effective APIs | Actionable Guide | Pooja Mistry | TestFlix 2023 #api #apitesting

How to Design Effective APIs | Actionable Guide | Pooja Mistry | TestFlix 2023 #api #apitesting

Join Pooja Mistry as she unravels the art of crafting APIs that stand the test of time. In this engaging talk, you'll delve into the critical aspects of API design, including code structure, error handling, and security considerations. By embracing best practices in API design, you can ensure that your APIs not only solve problems efficiently but also provide users with a seamless and enduring experience.

The session covers the foundations of endurance, emphasizing how a well-structured API design forms the basis for long-lasting APIs that can adapt to evolving technologies and user needs. Pooja shares practical strategies to future-proof your APIs, ensuring they remain relevant in the face of changing requirements, technologies, and user expectations.

Discover the significance of prioritizing user experience in API design and explore techniques to create intuitive, user-friendly APIs that boost developer productivity. If you're passionate about designing APIs that withstand the test of time, this talk offers invaluable insights and strategies to achieve API design excellence. Don't miss this opportunity to empower your applications with lasting impact.

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This video is of one of the Talks presented at #TestFlix - Biggest Virtual Software #Testing Conference, 2023.

About Speaker:
Pooja Mistry is a dedicated Developer Advocate at Postman. With a deep passion for fostering the intersection of technology and community, Pooja strives to extend the influence and accessibility of Postman's API Platform to developers worldwide. Before her role at Postman, Pooja spearheaded the Partnership Advocacy Program at IBM, where she successfully cultivated vibrant communities centered around sharing valuable insights in the realms of APIs, APIOps, Integration, and Data and AI. Pooja takes pride in her role as a devoted plant mom, as she firmly believes in nurturing growth, both in the digital landscape and in the world of nature.

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