How do I track credit spend and make optimizations? Build Insights

How do I track credit spend and make optimizations? Build Insights

Apr 26, 2022

Use Insights to track your credit consumption and locate areas for optimization.

Build Insights is a monitoring tool that provides you a convenient means to check in on your build performance and track accompanying metrics. With a quick scan, you can see how all your apps and workflows are doing. If something doesn't look right, drill in for more details to understand where the problem is on app, Workflow, and Step level. To optimize your builds, you can use the data from the following main areas:

  • Stability - Showing which errors have the highest impact on your builds, with success rates included.
  • Velocity - So you can select the area you should focus on to improve the speed of your builds. This includes metrics like successful build times and build consistency (typical vs top).
  • Usage - Letting you know which Steps and Workflows take the most time in your builds. With flexible time queries, Insights helps you get an overview of credit usage, from Workspace level to workflows.
  • Insights is part of Bitrise, so it is a mobile-focused, out-of-the-box solution that requires no setup or manual hosting.

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