How to extend Kafka pipelines to users over the public internet

How to extend Kafka pipelines to users over the public internet

Aug 16, 2022

In the realms of event streaming, Kafka has become the number one choice for many organizations. It’s capable of handling and processing vast amounts of critical, time-sensitive event data.

But Kafka isn’t designed for distributing data between internal systems and consumers on the public internet. Yet rich, live digital experiences are a must-have as far as users are concerned. They are increasingly becoming a key source of differentiation. In this webinar we will show you how you can harness the power of Kafka, to deliver engaging realtime application to users, using Ably.

Apache Kafka and Ably are core components in a new stack of event-driven developer solutions that make it simpler to innovate. Combined they accelerate both the delivery of applications and the reliability of those operations across the internet.

During this webinar you will learn how to:

  1. Minimize infrastructure, engineering & DevOps costs
  2. Speed up time-to-market by building on a fully-managed realtime infrastructure.
  3. Ensure world-class customer experiences with hard availability and delivery guarantees
  4. Keep you data completely secure end-to-end

About Ably

Ably is an enterprise-grade pub/sub messaging platform. We make it easy to efficiently design, quickly ship, and seamlessly scale critical realtime functionality delivered directly to end-users. Every day, we deliver billions of realtime messages to millions of users for thousands of companies.