How to get started with BigQuery

How to get started with BigQuery

Here to bring you the latest news in the startup program by Google Cloud are Valeriya Shin and Mathilde Bachy!

Welcome to the second season of the Google Cloud Technical Guides for Startups - the Build Series.

Build Series - Episode 4: How to get started with BigQuery

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0:00 - Intro

0:45 - What we’ll cover in the video

1:17 - What is BigQuery?

2:03 - When to use BigQuery?

4:19 - BigQuery ML

5:27 - What is a data pipeline?

5:40 - What is an ETL pipeline?

6:28 - Building Data ETL pipelines with BigQuery

7:55 - What is data governance?

8:43 - Data governance in BigQuery

9:00 - BigQuery pricing

10:28 - BigQuery optimization best practices

10:33 - BigQuery performance and cost optimization

12:39 - [Demo] BigQuery demo console

16:00 - BigQuery customer case study

16:50 - Wrap up!

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What is ETL? →
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Slot recommendations and insights →
How does BigQuery store data? →
Understanding BigQuery data governance →
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Using the BigQuery sandbox →
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