How to Setup a Snowflake Connection within Xplenty

How to Setup a Snowflake Connection within Xplenty

Oct 21, 2021

In this video, we will set up a Snowflake connection with Xplenty.

Many companies are now strategically using their data assets as the core of their digital transformation efforts. Building a data pipeline can help companies combine information from all their systems to gain insights into their business. A recent study showed that 59.5% of corporations using advanced analytics saw measurable results. Using a warehouse such as Snowflake can help companies leverage this information to drive business strategy.

Xplenty's no-code/low-code tool features an intuitive user interface that empowers non-technical individuals to build data pipelines quickly. The platform features hundreds of integrations that eliminate the need for custom coding. Reach out to us to try the platform for yourself and see how integrating Snowflake into your pipeline can help you get the most out of your data assets.

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