How to Unlock the Power of Event-Driven Architecture | Designing Event-Driven Microservices

How to Unlock the Power of Event-Driven Architecture | Designing Event-Driven Microservices

Mar 28, 2024


An Event-Driven Architecture is more than just a set of microservices. Event Streams should represent the central nervous system, providing the bulk of communication between all components in the platform. Unfortunately, many projects stall long before they reach this point.

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Teams start by building an initial set of microservices but expanding beyond that to the rest of the system can be a real challenge. Transitioning from Event-Driven Microservices to an Event-Driven Architecture requires treating events like a product. However, the biggest challenge will be convincing the people around you that this is the right solution.

► Data as a Product:
► Implementing Streaming Data Products:
► 4 Key Types of Event-Driven Architecture:
► Organizing for Enterprise Event Streaming: The New Central Nervous System of Business:


00:00 - Intro

00:29 - What makes a data product successful?

01:08 - How can we meet the needs of the consumer?

01:43 - What makes an event easy to consume?

02:48 - How to ensure events are reliable.

03:32 - How to expand an event-driven system.

05:12 - How to sell your event-driven architecture to the rest of the team.

06:56 - Closing

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