Kristi Testlio

Kristi Testlio

Feb 24, 2020

Meet Kristi.

Kristi is a Sr. QA Project Manager (QAPM) at Testlio and works from our main office in Tallinn, Estonia.

Kristi grew up in Tallinn and has been with Testlio for over five years.

Testlio founder Kristel inspired Kristi early in her career with Testlio and to think big. That nothing is impossible.

Kristi loves the nature of her work and the people she works with every day. "I'm happy every day with what I do. Of course, there are hard days, but I come to work with a happy face. Being here more than five years speaks volumes."

Understanding that little gets done without the supportive and collaborative team environment at Testlio, Kristi most embraces the core value "Team is Everything."

If you want to come to work with amazing people like Kristi every day, check out the available jobs at Testlio! We're hiring.