Machine Learning Accelerator with Looker and BigQuery ML

Machine Learning Accelerator with Looker and BigQuery ML

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Looker is Google’s enterprise business intelligence platform for analyzing and acting on governed data. In this episode of Serverless Expeditions Extended, Martin teams up with Chris to discuss and walk through machine learning in Looker. Watch along and learn how organizations use Looker to build custom data workflows that empower users to make better business decisions.


0:00 - Intro

0:48 - What is Looker?

1:27 - Getting started with ML in Looker

2:34 - Choosing an objective for analysis

3:12 - Choosing data input fields

4:44 - Creating a machine learning model

5:58 - The ML model’s evaluation metrics

6:55 - Generating more predictions

7:41 - Moving predictions into BigQuery ML

8:10 - How to leverage data driven insights

8:56 - Wrap up

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