Meet Testlio: Josepha

Meet Testlio: Josepha

Aug 14, 2019

Meet Josepha.

Josepha is Testlio's Managing Editor and works 50% of the time in Tallinn, Estonia and 50% remotely in her home in Parnu, the "summer capital" of Estonia.

She grew up in Pointe-Noire, a French-speaking port city in the Republic of Congo. Pointe-Noir also happens to be the sister city to New Orleans, LA (U.S.)

Josepha's mom is Estonian and her dad is Congolese. In addition to learning French in school, she grew up speaking Russian, as her parents met during the Soviet Union's occupation of Estonia.

"I like the people. I like the energy. I like the vibe that's going on here. It's a good feeling when you come to work." - Josepha

Josepha loves working for Testlio mostly because of the people and vibe. She identifies with all of Testlio's core values but relates most to three: Give a Damn, Team is Everything and Foster Inclusiveness.

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