Meet a TestLion: Liza

Meet a TestLion: Liza

Feb 24, 2020

Meet Liza.

Liza is a QA Project Manager (QAPM) at Testlio and works remotely from her home office outside of San Francisco.

Liza grew up in the Dominican Republic and works for Testlio remotely outside of San Francisco, California.

Liza loves that she can be her true, authentic self at Testlio. The Testlio core value that most resonated with Liza is 'Be Kind.' She firmly believes that when we work in a kind and judge-free environment, we can all come together and provide a better experience for employees and clients.

When she's not working, Liza is active cyclist putting in up to 25 miles every day. She's also into cross-fit and travels all over the world.

If you want to come to work with amazing people like Liza every day, check out the available jobs at Testlio! We're hiring.