Meet Testlio's Founders

Meet Testlio's Founders

Dec 17, 2021

The entrepreneurial journey is an adventure with unpredictable twists and turns. But, while journeys takes many shapes, one thing is common amongst entrepreneurs – a passion and vision for what might be.

Testlio's journey started in 2012 with an idea to offer a better way to test software and release apps with confidence. Testlio's founders, Kristel and Marko Kruustuk, had the vision to provide skilled testers with more meaningful opportunities, thereby creating world-class app testing outcomes and customer experiences.

Like any company journey, Testlio has gone through many ups and downs. However, with an enduring vision and a sense of purpose, Kristel and Marko have guided Testlio from an idea to one of the world's leading Software Testing companies.

Meet Testlio's founders, Kristel and Marko!