Mukund Zalke Talks on Testing in Web 3.0 | QonfX | Teaser

Mukund Zalke Talks on Testing in Web 3.0 | QonfX | Teaser

Are you a software tester looking to dive into the fascinating world of decentralized technology? Look no further! In this video, we will take you on an exciting journey into the realms of blockchain, web3, metaverse, and smart contracts.

Join us as we explore the basics of blockchain technology and Blockchain testing. Discover the power of web3 and how it enables the creation of decentralized applications (dApps) on blockchain networks.

But that's not all! We will also delve into the development and testing of smart contracts within the web3 stack. Gain insights into how smart contracts are created and tested, and understand their significance in the decentralized ecosystem.

Additionally, we'll touch upon the concept of the metaverse and its role in shaping the future of technology. Witness a live demonstration of a web3 application in action, and learn about the fundamentals of testing smart contracts.

Whether you're a seasoned software tester or someone new to the decentralized technology landscape, this video has something for everyone. Don't miss out on this opportunity to expand your knowledge and stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of technology.

Key Takeaways:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the blockchain ecosystem
  • Explore the development and testing of smart contracts
  • Uncover the concept of web3 and its impact on decentralized applications
  • Witness a live demonstration of a web3 application and learn about smart contract testing fundamentals

Join us on this insightful journey into the future of decentralized technology. Hit that play button and let's explore together!

Timestamps -

00:00 - 01:24 - Teaser

01:25 - 03:28 - Introduction

03:29 - 04:05 - Agenda

04:06 - 05:02 - Stats on Metaverse and it's Impact

05:03 - 07:09 - Blockchain Ecosystem & Layers in Blockchain

07:10 - 12:19 - Basics of Blockchain Technology - What is Blockchain Technology & Characteristics of Blockchain

12:20 - 15:53 - Ethereum Network in Blockchain - Proof of Work & Proof of Stake

15:54 - 16:22 - Introduction to Ethereum / What is Ethereum

16:23 - 16:34 - Introduction to Cryptocurrency & Ether

16:35 - 17:49 - What is Smart Contract & Characteristics of Smart Contract

17:50 - 18:01 - Smart Contract Application Example

18:09 - 20:14 - Web 1.0 vs Web 2.0 vs Web 3.0

20:15 - 21:32 - Web 3.0 Stack

21:33 - 26:33 Blockchain Testing, Types, Tools & Frame

26:34 - 31:00 - Metaverse - Opportunities & Demo

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Mukund is passionate about innovation and an automation enthusiast. He loves brainstorming and implementing ideas to figure out ways to improve the product quality. Having a blend of Dev, QA, Security & DevOps mindset. He also like's to explore research, new technologies, experiment with existing one's to improve productivity and also would like to share his knowledge with his colleagues and with the community

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