Must-Have Non-Technical Skills For Software Testers

Must-Have Non-Technical Skills For Software Testers

Being technically strong will definitely help you in getting the software testing job that you have been dreaming of, but if you wish to excel in the software testing field in the long run, you need to have great soft skills, as well. There are quite a few non-technical skills that are required for being successful in testing. Now, let's have a look at the various soft skills that make you a successful software tester.

Soft skills that every software tester must have
Importance of soft skills for software testers
Soft skills to become a better software tester
Soft skills for QA engineers
Soft skills for QA testers
Important non-technical skills for QA engineer
Skills required for software testing career
Essential skills to look for in a QA engineer
Non-technical skills for the better testing
Non-technical skills expected of a software tester
Effective software tester skills
Soft skills every QA tester needs

►0:00 | Non-Technical Skills For Software Testers
►0:33 | Communication Skills
►1:15 | Prioritization Skills:
►1:44 | Organization Skills
►2:08 | Time Management
►2:44 | Teamwork
►3:13 | Attention to Detail
►3:28 | Analytical Skills
►3:41 | Understand User Perspective
►3:59 | Passion for Software Testing

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