Perforce Streams: Everything You Need to Know

Perforce Streams: Everything You Need to Know

Sep 7, 2023

This video provides an overview of the main types of streams in Helix Core, as well as the iconography and relationships between stream types in the Helix Visual Client (P4V). Perforce solutions engineer, Jase Lindgren, also provides some example use cases and workflows for each stream type (mainline, development, release, virtual, and task), so you can learn how to best leverage each type.

Install Helix Core and set up Helix Core, plus find all the information you need to get started quickly:

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About Helix Core: Perforce Helix Core is the leading version control system for teams who need to accelerate innovation at scale. Store and track changes to all your digital assets, from source code to binary to IPs. Connect your teams and empower them to move faster and build better: