Software Testing Skills in 2023 | How to Know What to Test | Huib Schoots | #softwaretesting

Software Testing Skills in 2023 | How to Know What to Test | Huib Schoots | #softwaretesting

In this informative video, Huib Schoots delves into the core concepts of software testing, sharing essential testing skills that are invaluable for anyone in the field of software testing. Huib provides practical guidance and insights on how teams can streamline their testing processes, achieving faster, more cost-effective, and highly effective results.

With a focus on the fundamental basics of testing, Huib explores the necessary mindset and skills required for successful testing. He addresses the critical question of how to determine what to test, offering tips, tricks, and actionable advice for acquiring and honing these essential skills.

Whether you're a seasoned tester, a software developer, or simply interested in improving your understanding of testing principles, this talk provides valuable insights and a roadmap for developing your testing capabilities.

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This video is of one of the Talks presented at #TestFlix - Biggest Virtual Software #Testing Conference, 2023.

About Speaker:
Huib is a passionate individual with a personal mission to enhance software quality through innovative approaches. He is actively engaged in various communities and has a wide range of interests, including music, games, photography, and more. He serves as an expert, consultant, and trainer at Quality Accelerators, specializing in agile testing at The Agile Testers, and also contributes to organizing events at Frogs Conf.

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