Strategies for optimizing your BigQuery queries.

Strategies for optimizing your BigQuery queries.

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Did you know that optimizing SQL queries can be cost efficient? In this episode of BigQuery Spotlight, we speak to some strategies for optimizing your BigQuery queries. We’ll walk through what happens behind the scenes for more complex queries, and show you specific tactics you can use to optimize your SQL. Watch to learn some great techniques on how to make your queries more performant!

0:00 - Intro
0:55 - Necessary columns only
1:26 - Prune data with partitions and clusters
1:54 - Aggregations in BigQuery
2:52 - Late aggregation
3:19 - Nest repeated data
4:00 - Shuffle Joins in BigQuery
4:27 - Broadcast Joins in BigQuery
4:55 - JOIN order
5:03 - Filter before joins
5:25 - Cluster on join keys
5:48 - WHERE clause order matters
6:03 - ORDER BY with LIMIT
6:35 - Wrap up

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