Testquality | Test Management Github Integration Overview

Testquality | Test Management Github Integration Overview

TestQuality helps you build better software with fully integrated and easy to use Test Management for high-performance teams. The fastest way to build, run, and manage test cases, plans, runs, and cycles. Easily understand the quality and performance of your tests and with powerful test analytics.

TestQuality's seamlessly integrates your testing efforts with your development and QA workflows, live and in real-time. Pull test results from popular CI/CD, Test Automation and Unit Testing systems or use TestQuality's powerful REST API to import test sets from any testing tools and integrate with any DevOps workflow.

Scalable Team Collaboration: With fair and simple pricing, and roles and permissions management, you can tailor TestQuality to your dev and QA team's needs.

00:00 - Intro TestQuality Overview

00:19 - Create First Test in TestQuality

00:38 - Organize your Tests in TestQuality and The Test Draw

00:52 - TestQuality's Integration with GitHub or Jira

01:06 - Overview tab in TestQuality

01:14 - Creating and Running Test Cycles

01:38 - The Run tab to view Test Run Results and any Logged Defects.

02:00 - The Analize tab for meassuring Test Growth, Quality, Reliability and Requirements.

TestQuality was designed with a process forward UX design approach to optimize user workflow.

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