[TUTORIAL] Smart Troubleshooting Features with Katalon Studio

[TUTORIAL] Smart Troubleshooting Features with Katalon Studio

Dec 8, 2020

Welcome to our Katalon Studio Tutorial series! The series is designed to get you started using Katalon Studio (https://www.katalon.com)

Your debugging process just got a whole lot easier! In this video, we'll show you how to leverage Katalon's smart troubleshooting features, available now in Katalon Studio. Learn more: https://www.katalon.com/smart-troubleshooting/

0:00 Introduction to Katalon Smart Troubleshooting Approach
0:30 Self-healing Configuration (Test Snapshot, Browser-based Video Recording, Time Capsule)
0:50 Smart Troubleshooting Configuration
1:48 Katalon Smart Troubleshoot Features In Test Case
2:10 Self-healing Demonstration
2:28 Smart Troubleshooting Demonstration

Check out the live demo of how Katalon Studio can simplify your debugging process: https://youtu.be/_gGkDuyFYCY

Tell us, what do you want our next tutorials to be about?

Happy testing!

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