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September 2020

Exploring Node.js Async Hooks

Have you ever heard of Node.js async hooks module? If the answer is no, then you should get familiar with it. Even though it’s new stuff (released along with Node.js 9) and the module is still in experimental mode, which means it’s not recommended for production, you should still get to know it a bit better. In short, Node.js async hooks, more specifically the async_hooks module, provides a clear and easy-to-use API to track async resources in Node.js.

Node.js Resiliency Concepts: Recovery and Self-Healing

In an ideal world where we reached 100% test coverage, our error handling was flawless, and all our failures were handled gracefully — in a world where all our systems reached perfection, we wouldn’t be having this discussion. Yet, here we are. Earth, 2020. By the time you read this sentence, somebody’s server failed in production. A moment of silence for the processes we lost.

Going from Consulting to SaaS

For many freelancers and small business owners, moving from consulting or freelance development work to operating a SaaS product is the Holy Grail. That makes sense: running a SaaS scales better and makes for a stable income. While there’s no guaranteed path to success, here’s what we learned taking AppSignal from a “20% time side-project” to a business serving thousands of developers around the globe. This article isn’t a blueprint.