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April 2022

Using Profiling in Elixir to Improve Performance

Elixir is all about performance. Say you have an app up and running with Elixir, but some parts aren't working as fast as you would like them to. That is where profiling comes in. Profiling tools usually walk you through the frequency and duration of function calls and where they spend their time. Erlang has impressive profile tooling available at its disposal. In this post, we will look into three profiling tools in Elixir: cprof, eprof, and fprof.

Principles of Object-Oriented Programming in TypeScript

Object-oriented programming (OOP) is hard to achieve in a dynamic prototypical language like JavaScript. You have to manually stick to OOP principles because of language features like duck typing. This requires discipline, as nothing in the language enforces the principles. If a diverse team of developers with different backgrounds is involved, a codebase filled with good intentions can quickly become one chaotic mess.