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Nest.js vs. Express.js: A Contest of Node Frameworks

What a time to be alive! The information age we are currently in has given us more data and choices about, well, everything. But let’s be honest, do any of us actually feel like we’re more informed than we were? Because all this information comes with more choices. Expanded choice is actually an “explosion of choice” – in other words, if the world were a restaurant, the menu is so long you spend more time choosing your order than actually eating it.


typeof in JavaScript: An introduction

Checking data types for variables is vital in any programming language to ensure a smooth and error-free development process. However, this becomes even more essential for accuracy when it comes to dynamically typed languages such as Javascript. In Javascript, one variable can hold multiple value types within the same file as shown below: To achieve this, one of the most commonly used operators is typeof.


Uncaught TypeError: Cannot Read Property of Undefined in JavaScript

JavaScript (JS) is the most popular programming language and is ranked as one of the TOP 5 programming languages in the world. TypeScript is JavaScript with type syntax and is a strongly typed programming language based on JS that provides better tooling at any size. But, internally, it’s again JavaScript. Today almost everyone uses JavaScript for front-end web development, and frameworks such as React, Vue, and Angular made JavaScript even more popular.


How to Fix ReferenceError: Event is Not Defined in JavaScript

The Javascript ReferenceError occurs when referencing a variable that does not exist or has not yet been initialized in the current scope. The ReferenceError: event is not defined usually occurs while using an event handler if the event parameter is either not declared or declared incorrectly. For example, if on an onclick event, the handler does not declare the event parameter, this error is thrown.


Migration Of An Application Frontend To TypeScript

In Loadero we always look for ways to improve our product and make it more robust, secure, and maintainable. As we add more features to our product, the complexity of our code base increases and it makes it more difficult to add or refactor the code without introducing regressions of the functionality. Since our frontend was written in plain Javascript and React, there was no way to ensure type safety of passed data between components and functions.


How to Use Strings in Javascript Using Selenium Webdriver? [2022 Updated]

The blog post’s title mentions two essential things working in today’s technological world – Javascript and Selenium Webdriver. As an engineer, it would probably be a rare instance if you have never encountered Javascript and Webdriver or heard their names. Currently, there are 1.17 billion websites on the internet today, and the popularity of Javascript is evident that 98% of all websites use Javascript today.