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Javascript Guide: Resolving the Reference Error

The Javascript ReferenceError occurs when referencing a variable that does not exist or has not yet been initialized in the current scope. Reference errors in Javascript are of a few different types, with variations of each, that may get triggered in code. Some of these are discussed below.

JavaScript Package Managers: NPM Vs YARN Vs PNPM

Package managers are software tools that help programmers and developers to install, update and uninstall packages of code, libraries, or other software. There are many package managers for a variety of programming languages such as JavaScript's NPM and Ruby's GEM. Package managers typically use metadata to determine which versions of a package are available and the dependencies of each version package managers vary in the type of automated software they install and update.

Angular vs. AngularJS: Which Is Better?

In today's digital landscapes, businesses are constantly looking for strategies to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Web and mobile applications have become a must-have and effective marketing tool for any successful organization. User-friendly applications are built using frameworks. Angular and AngularJS are the most popular front-end web development frameworks among the greatest JavaScript frameworks.

Principles of Object-Oriented Programming in TypeScript

Object-oriented programming (OOP) is hard to achieve in a dynamic prototypical language like JavaScript. You have to manually stick to OOP principles because of language features like duck typing. This requires discipline, as nothing in the language enforces the principles. If a diverse team of developers with different backgrounds is involved, a codebase filled with good intentions can quickly become one chaotic mess.

React Component Lifecycle: How to use ComponentDidUpdate

React is a JavaScript-based library for using component-based architecture to create applications that share user interface content. It allows you to define the function or class-based component that provides a specific feature for an application; hence, each component in React application contains the set of lifecycle hooks. There are several lifecycle methods such as mounting the component, updating the state of a component, or unmounting the component.

A Complete Guide for JavaScript Execution Context

From the standpoint of understanding and complexity of learning, the idea of execution context has been projected as an advanced JavaScript concept in several circumstances. Yes, if not mastered with the right examples in the proper order, this may appear complex. Every newcomer to JavaScript should understand why confidence in this fundamental concept is so vital. The most fundamental aspect of the JavaScript programming language is the execution context.

Dependency Injection in JavaScript: Write Testable Code Easily

I struggled with two aspects of software development as a junior engineer: structuring large codebases and writing testable code. Test-driven development is such a common technique that is often taken for granted, but it's not always clear how code can be made fully testable. I remember reading examples where an author would cleanly unit test a function, and in principle, it made sense. But real code doesn't look like those examples.