Apigee: Accuweather's Top 5 Ways to Use Data to Drive App Innovations

Apigee: Accuweather's Top 5 Ways to Use Data to Drive App Innovations


Research has shown data-driven businesses are more successful during times of disruption. Insights-driven businesses are 2.3x more likely to succeed during periods of disruption. These organizations collect and analyze the data from their Apps and APIs to inform ongoing product development to carefully engineer the incentives and engagement foundations that power their high performance.

In this discussion, we will look at the critical role that APIs play in turning data into innovation gold mines and showcase how Accuweather has engineered a business model for their APIs that allows them to capture value from a broad ecosystem of participants while leveraging platform level data to drive new product innovation. Join this session to learn:

  • A real-world example of how to scale your business model with APIs
  • How to leverage your developer portal to engage a broad spectrum of developers and audiences
  • How Accuweather leverages and prioritizes data from their ecosystem to innovate products and new areas of investment
  • How do you set a value or pricing for data for each targeted consumer group and create strong incentives for adoption and participation
  • What’s on the horizon for the future of data and APIs

And if you aren’t making the most of your data, you can bet your competitors are doing so with theirs...or will be very soon. Join this discussion so you aren’t left behind! Participate live to get your burning questions answered in real-time.