Apigee: Webcast (EMEA): Resilient Strategies Realised Featuring IDC

Apigee: Webcast (EMEA): Resilient Strategies Realised Featuring IDC


Resilient Strategies Realised Featuring IDC

Online In times of disruption, businesses must be able to adapt, evolve and pivot quickly to maintain business continuity and ensure that customer satisfaction is stable. At the heart of this capability is an understanding that digital transformation (DX) is more than developing and enabling a customer-centric strategy through particular activities or technologies alone. Successful transformations are extensions of culture; nurtured and fueled as they continuously adapt to customer expectations and market dynamics; and powered at scale by an agile API-centric approach for creating ever-better information-enabled products and services.

In this webinar we will look at how resilient companies leverage digital transformation (DX) strategies to reduce effort with an API-centric approach, and reduce time by building a culture of digital success.

Discussion Topics

  • As the digital economy is becoming our new normal, digital transformation matters more now than ever before
  • What a culture of digital transformation and IT Agility looks like
  • Key trends and behaviors of companies that are digitally resilient
  • How to leverage APIs to meet the needs of customers faster