Sauce Labs: The Bug That Never Got Reported

Sauce Labs: The Bug That Never Got Reported


Some of you might have faced this situation. A critical bug made it through to your end-users, and when it explodes on social media, your paying customers start abandoning your mobile app. You feel like the sky is falling! Too late, you discover that this happened because an internal user failed to report the bug.

When application performance and stability can make or break your business, how can you prevent critical bugs from reaching your end-users? Well, this is where mobile app beta testing can provide tremendous value!

During this webinar, Wim Selles, Sauce Labs Senior Solutions Architect and mobile automation expert, and Yair Bar-On, Sauce Labs Director of Product for TestFairy, will share best practices on how to prevent bugs from going unreported during beta testing. They will discuss key testing strategies and provide tips on how you can release better mobile apps in shorter development cycles, with controlled beta app distribution, robust in-app bug feedback, and a range of capabilities.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to find the right audience to beta test your mobile apps and effectively manage feedback cycles
  • How to encourage your beta testing audience to report bugs and get the most value out of the bug reports generated
  • How you can optimize your mobile beta testing processes with a live demo of TestFairy, the Sauce Labs mobile beta testing solution