SmartBear: BitBar: The Most Flexible App Testing Solution

SmartBear: BitBar: The Most Flexible App Testing Solution


SmartBear is excited to announce that on June 21st we are launching our unified cloud testing solution that includes both browser and device testing on BitBar! BitBar is a highly scalable and performant testing cloud that gives you instant access to the latest browsers and devices. So you can make sure your app, whether web, native, or hybrid, just works for your customers.

Last year’s State of Software Quality | Testing report found that 32% of respondents who test web apps also test native mobile apps, a number that is growing each year. Offering one product for both web and device testing will ensure to meet current and future testing needs.

In this webinar, we will go over how BitBar can alleviate the burden of maintaining a device lab whether it be for web or mobile applications.

We will cover:

  • The variety of deployment options available in BitBar
  • Flexibility to use your preferred testing framework and language
  • Live demo of web and mobile testing

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Duration: 1 Hour