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How to Identify and Manage Software Testing Risks

As software releases are expected to happen faster, testers are placed under more pressure. Pressure to find and eradicate bugs earlier in the release cycle, to avoid them being costly and delaying release timelines. That said, if companies want to stay ahead of the competition, it's important from the outset their testing processes are free from risks and vulnerabilities. Can automated testing best ensure thorough validation? How can team procedures proactively avoid risk?

Choosing the Right Test Management Tool for Your Team

Building quality software requires efficient and effective software testing processes. To achieve this, it’s important to make sure your test management tool has the capabilities to support your team’s current, and future, testing needs. By following this three-step approach, you can narrow down your choices and find your perfect fit. Break out your notepad and follow along to see if your team’s needs are best described by options A, B, or C.

SmartBear Introduces HaloAI, Transforming Software Development and Test Productivity with AI Technology

SmartBear HaloAI is already delivering results in beta: shatters test times by 98% in the first 2 weeks with Zephyr Scale; automates half of QA tests, saving 20 hours per regression cycle.

How to Improve Efficiency & Consistency in Test Management

Software testing can feel like you're walking a tightrope—striving to uphold impeccable quality standards while the clock ticks towards your next release. It’s a daunting challenge to make sure every test is planned and executed with speed, all while hoping there are no blind spots in your process. Enter test management. It’s a great way to ensure your tests remain organized, efficient, and consistent. And of course, so you can report on this hard work to leadership.

Observability Meets AI: Unlocking New Frontiers in Data Collection, Analysis, and Predictions

As software systems become increasingly complex, observability — the ability to understand a system's internal state based on its external outputs — has become a critical practice for developers and operations teams. Traditional observability approaches struggle to keep up with the scale and complexity of modern applications. As the amount of telemetry data grows, it becomes expensive and complex to navigate. Enter AI and its promise to revolutionize observability.

The Benefits of Exploratory Testing in Agile Environments

Agile software development places significant value on faster processes and better-quality outcomes, but there are a lot of different techniques that teams can leverage to achieve these goals. For many, automation integration has become a major priority, but there are several benefits to be seen from manual operations like exploratory testing. Let's take a look at what advantages exploratory testing can bring to agile environments.