Unravel: Effective Cost and Performance Management for Amazon EMR

Unravel: Effective Cost and Performance Management for Amazon EMR


Amazon EMR is a go-to platform for those who want all the power of Hadoop and Spark in the cloud. However, cost and performance trade-offs can reduce the advantages of EMR over alternatives. Lack of visibility into the root cause of problems, right-sizing options, and cost allocation can add confusion and frustration for EMR users. Unravel Data gives you visibility into the minute-to-minute operations of your workloads on EMR. Get root cause analysis (RCA) of workload breakdowns and slowdowns; AI-powered recommendations; and proactive fixes for many problems. With Unravel Data, you can meet and beat your SLAs, saving thousands - even millions - of dollars per year in the process.

Chris Santiago is Director of Solutions Engineering at Unravel Data, and is a true master of cost and performance issues in the cloud. Join him as he demonstrates best practices for running Hadoop and Spark on Amazon EMR, including:

  • Tracking, managing, and allocating costs, minute by minute
  • Optimizing performance and costs while meeting SLAs
  • Using the free Unravel Data two-week trial to get a flying start on optimizing your Amazon EMR environment

There's a reason AWS partners provides many of its customers free access to Unravel Data for moving workloads to the cloud, and why many of those customers stay with Unravel Data for cloud cost and performance management. Learn more in this free webinar.